Saturday, April 30, 2011

3rd trimester here we come!!

Week 28 starts your 3rd trimester in pregnancy and I am ready!! I am thankful for being pregnant and having this wonderful person inside of me growing very strong and healthy...BUT pregnancy sucks! I'm not one to complain I always count my blessing every night BUT here's a list of some of my problems the last 7 months: 2 colds, bronchitis, flu, all day (not morning) sickness for 5 months, killer back pain, infection in both feet from a pedicure, headaches, can't eat hamburger meat, can't eat normal size meals or I get sick they have to be kid size!!! This is just listing a few :( 
I just want my squishy cute baby in my arms and be done with pregnancy!
We haven't chosen a name which is now the hot question everyone loves to ask. We have came up with some good contenders but we just want to make sure we love it before announcing it to the world.
The nursery is like 30% finished...the big things are done now it's just decorating and getting stuff after the shower so we don't have 2 of everything.
Speaking of the shower- I'm getting SO excited it's only 6 weeks away! It will be held at the beautiful Botanical Gardens with a butterfly house attached to our pretty : ) I can't wait to see everyone and play some games!

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